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In our deeds, in our thoughts, Lord, may we always glorify You.



Walking with A Steadfast God

Since I opened this blog, I had a plan to publish a story, the Story. That never happened, particularly because I kept postponing it due to unpreparedness. I told myself that I was not ready, that I had to have the perfect article down. Anyone who is familiar with my writing knows this about me. I waste a lot of time waiting for the perfect time, the perfect moment, when I really should just plunge in.

I will write that story – it has to be told, otherwise this blog has no purpose. Today, however, I want to share some discoveries from my time with God’s Word.

This blog was created the day I finally felt ready to take that first real step toward God. I started this journey sometime last year, but I was mostly flirting with the idea of a walk with God. I think my heart was willing for a long time, but I let my head get the best of me. I wanted to “understand,” I wanted something tangible. I wanted to be sure that I was making the right decision. It’s funny because my heart, my outbursts, everything that happened to me when I talked to God in worship, suggested that I was on the right track. Still, I sought a sign. Little did I know that my stubbornness made me miss all the signs.

Earlier today, I registered to be baptised at Hillsong. The only available date was sometime in September, so I thought I would have enough time to be ‘ready’. After I clicked ‘submit’, I wanted to take it back. Doubt and numerous questions filled my mind.

Am I ready? Is this really going to happen? Is there no way to revert this process? What on earth have I done? Who do I tell about this? Am I going to do this on my own?

I was an emotional mess, but I eventually closed the tab. ‘Tis done, I thought.

I shared the news with one of my close friends who has helped me along the way with faith, and she was very excited. Contagiously so. I expressed my worries to her, and she said it was very much normal to doubt, to rethink what I had done, but it was certainly the right decision. All praise be unto the Lord, she exclaimed. I couldn’t help but smile. She then paraphrased Hebrews 6:18:

God who has promised you eternal life NEVER lies.

I settled down to pray tonight, and I started to write in my journal:

Today, Lord, I come to You as I am. I heard that You are a “Come As You Are” God, and I am making that step towards You. 

I finished my personal prayers and moved on to read scripture, because I read somewhere that it is important to pray using scripture so as to affirm what we believe. 

God Is Unfailing in His Promises

I started to meditate over Hebrews 6:13-20. Throughout this week, I had asked God to fill me with the strength and courage to make the move and not turn back, to trust in Him without reluctance, and to surrender all to Him, because all these things are right. I proclaimed that I hold firmly to the Hope placed before me. I opened the Bible and landed on the book of Jeremiah. I started to flick through the pages slowly, and I stopped at Jeremiah 29:11-14

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

I chuckled to myself, because it was a chance discovery, and yet it spoke to me in the same way the Hebrews passage did. Our God is unfailing in His promises to us. We find safety in Him, and we trust that He will hear us when we cry to Him.

The Word of God is steadfast and certain, and our job is to have faith. He never lies, and His purpose/promise to us never changes. What is also amazing is that Christ is the fulfilment of this promise to us.

Dear Lord, please fill us with the faith of Abraham. Help us to trust in You always, and especially in times of trouble.

I suggest reading Psalm 56:3-4 after this, and, perhaps, after some of our prayers.

Our God is unfailing in His promises, and we place our complete trust in Him.


What happens when the “Billy Graham Rule” becomes more precedent than Christ’s example of self-control in the company of members of the opposite sex?

If Christian women and men cannot model how to honor one another and serve together with integrity, who will? If we continue to hide behind the Billy Graham Rule rather than engage with our colleagues of different genders, we will miss out on the contributions that men and women bring together to the places we serve. Rather than let fear and mistrust inform our partnerships, let’s choose mutual respect like Jesus modeled when he chose to work alongside and honor women—even if that means going out for lunch.”
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